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Revision Knee Arthroplasty

" All there is to know about revision knee arthroplasty in 3 days "
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Thursday 20th September


Roger BADET Chirurgien Orthopédique
Michel BONNIN Chirurgien Orthopédique


Roger BADET / Michel BONNIN

1. Revision TKA Analysis and strategy

  • Our experience
  • What is the diagnostic evaluation before revision?
    • What always has to be done: a clinical examination and an x-ray
    • What occasionally has to be done: other tests (MRI..)
    • What we cannot see: blood test results
    • Evaluation on both a pain and mental level
  • Can we make improvements?
    • Some tips on how to limit the risk of revision
  • Strategy and planning of the revision
    • Theory
    • Practice: clinical case

2. Revision for incorrect prosthesis size

3. Revision for allergy

  • Current Epidemiology / JDG study
  • Material at fault and the basis of immunology
  • Mini battle: I believe / I don’t believe
  • What can we deduce?
  • Anti-allergic prosthesis
  • In the event of any doubt... (Primary TKA)

4. Clinical cases

  • Revision due to implant failure
  • Revision for mechanical loosening

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Friday 21st September


Alban PINAROLI Chirurgien Orthopédique
Elvire SERVIEN Chirurgien Orthopédique



Technical and Practical considerations during a TKA revision

The Surgical sequence

  • Surgical approach: strategy and cutaneous risk
  • Exposure of the knee and extensor mechanism
  • Joint level
  • Extraction of implants / Cement
  • How to define femoral and tibial rotation
  • Knee stability in flexion and extension
  • Choice of constraint
  • Fixation by zone for TKA revision
  • Pins: which to choose? (straight, bent, length and diameter) / What to do?
  • TKA prosthesis revision: with or without cement (mini-battle)
  • The patella; resurfacing and closure of the extensor mechanism: how to avoid dislocation?
  • Navigation, PSI, robotics, tailor-made? New technologies for revision.

11.15 am - Congress Photo

11.30 am -> 12.30 pm - Workshops

1.45 pm -> 2.15 pm - Workshops


Friday 21st September


Caroline DEBETTE Chirurgien Orthopédique
Sébastien LUSTIG Chirurgien Orthopédique


Caroline DEBETTE / Sébastien LUSTIG


Revision for periprosthetic fracture

Revision due to stiffness

Revision for femoral-tibial instability

Bone Loss management

Revision for a positioning problem

  • Frontal plane
  • Sagittal plane
  • Horizontal plane (rotation difficulties)
  • Soft tissue imbalance

The place of partial TKA revision


Saturday 22nd September


David DEJOUR Chirurgien Orthopédique
Guillaume DEMEY Chirurgien Orthopédique


David DEJOUR / Guillaume DEMEY

Revision TKA and the extensor mechanism

  • Stiffness (Patella Infera)
  • Rupture of the extensor mechanism
  • Patellar instability

Revision due to infection

  • Prevention? The medico legal aspects
  • Experience: LYSKS / CRIOAC / National data
  • Diagnostic: relevance of supplementary examinations when there is a suspicion of infection
  • Biology: synovial CRP, Alpha defensin…
  • Infection in TKA: when to re-operate?

Surgical care of a septic TKA

  • What is the role of aspiration?
  • What is the role of synovectomy and lavage?
  • What is the role of single stage revision?
  • What is the role of two stage revision?
  • What are the role of spacers?
  • What is the role of ATB?
  • What to do and what not to do
  • Re-implantation: the whole program

Extreme cases

  • The revision of a revision, reconstruction of a prosthesis, arthrodesis prosthesis

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