JLG 2020 - L'application du congrès

The application will allow you, among other things

  • to follow the program,
  • to access the quiz interface,
  • to consult the list of exhibitors,
  • to evaluate the interventions,
  • compose your personal program (favorites),
  • to receive notifications from the JLG concerning the program and the congress, access to a selection of photos taken during the congress and evenings.

1. Install the app (iOS or Android)


2. Remember to update the application

If you have already downloaded the application, do not forget to update it as it has already received several changes.
Click on the button corresponding to your mobile: if the application is not up to date, simply click on "UPDATE"


Notifications will be sent regularly by the organizers concerning the scientific program and the general organization. Remember to accept receiving these notifications.

If you have accidentally refused to receive them, simply go to the "Settings" of your phone, in the "Notifications" section and select the application JLG 2018 to update your preferences!

3. Take part in the quizzes and the interactivity during the congress

  • Go to the conference application in the "QUIZ" section of the application to consult the list of proposed sessions.
  • Click on the title of the session, to be directed to the quiz tool (www.menti.com) where a session code will be requested. For non-compatible phones, rdv directly on www.menti.com
  • Each half-day will have a different code (Thursday PM, Friday AM and Friday PM) which will be indicated on the main screen
  • The questions will be visible to the listeners only when the technician activates them, one after the other, depending on the presentation
  • The results will be displayed in real time next to the presentation until the next question.

How to take the quizz?

We wish you a good conference!

The Organizing Committee